Functional Medicine and You

Functional medicine focuses on the balance of the endocrine system and optimizing how hormones communicate within the body. How does functional medicine differ from conventional medicine? With functional medicine, you can treat the person, not symptoms or diseases. Traditional medicine focuses on treating isolated symptoms and ailments, with specialty drugs and specialist doctors.

Functional Medicine at AgeWellMD

Your body can heal itself.

Your body has an incredible capacity for continuously healing itself of sickness and injury. Through highly interactive systems and consistent adaptation, your body can recover from damage without conventional medicine. Ailments are not a health problem unless the body cannot heal naturally.  Above all,  without the proper vitamins and nutrients, your body can not operate efficiently, but without the vital communication mechanism of hormones, signs of aging will develop.

Your Hormones

Your hormones are the chemical messengers your body uses to communicate with other bodily systems. We have close to 50 different hormones in our body that are primarily produced by the endocrine organs, releasing into the bloodstream and allowing organs to “talk” to each other. We secrete hormones demand by a negative feedback loop from the brain. The brain stimulates the endocrine organs; the organs stimulate the cells, sending messages back to the brain,  controlling every part of our body. In addition, because our hormones naturally decline as we age, this organ communication becomes less and less over time, leading to signs of aging and illness.

Finding the root cause

With conventional medicine, we treat the symptoms of this health decline as singular problems. Functional medicine looks at all of these symptoms as a whole and finds the root cause, allowing the body to heal itself. Functional medicine balances and optimizes your body chemistry with vitamins, minerals, probiotics, and, most importantly: bioidentical hormones. The balance and optimization of your body chemistry can allow for physiological repair for all parts of the body, without treating isolated symptoms.

Our body is very complex and tends to stay in motion if put in motion. In conclusion, when your body is healthy, it tends to stay healthy. At AgeWellMD, we focus on optimizing your bodily functions to restore your health and allow the body to heal itself. Call us today to see how we can get you back to your best self!