Hello to all of my PATIENT TRIBE,

The COVID19 virus is so very new, we really do not have a lot of knowledge about it.  So, I have decided to “throw” the book towards a protective/preventive care plan.  All of the recent patients coming in for consultations have really liked these ideas, so Kathy and I feel it is important to share with you.  You may be already taking some of these many actions!!!

What we do know:  this specific virus “LIKES” cool places (sinuses and back of the throat) to initially hanging out in the “human host.”  This type of virus really does have fragile membranes and is rather weak when not in a perfect/hospitable environment. This virus “likes” weak immune systems.  One of the reasons why the older population is a prime target in the Western countries.  “We” are now “seeing” more younger people (outliers) becoming infected with the virus.  Loss of taste/smell are two of the latest “signs” of viral infection.  This actually makes some sense — taste/smell happens in the nose and oral pharynx.

Breakdown categories:   SCREENING  (Symptoms and Signs)


                                             IMMUNE SYSTEM SUPPORT


  1.   SYMPTOMS/SIGNS:  87% of people with present initially with FEVER.  Fever is a normal way the body tries to initially combat an invader like a bad bacteria or virus or parasite.  Cough, fatigue, and now taste/smell are also part of the orchestra of early symptoms.
  2. SCREENING:  TAKE YOUR TEMPERATURE in the am and pm.  Same time, same place on your body.  Check EVERYONE in your home.  CHECK ALL of your children regardless of age.  WRITE IT DOWN and track it!!!  You will see a “spike” in >100.5F as a sign.  Unfortunately, we do not have common/easy access to serum/salivary testing!!!  Not sure when that will occur, especially if this virus begins to mutate?!  So, check your temperature.  If you do not have a temp probe, let Kathy KNOW ASAP.  We currently have access to a few extra probes!!


  1. GI HEALTH — >70% of the immune system is created in the gut.  Do your  Daily gut cleanse shake with probiotics — very important
  2. Sinus/Nasal irrigation — am and pm flushing via bulb bottle, NettiPot, machine sinus irrigator.  Use the saline/salt packages.  Double up if you develop heavy sinus mucous or become symptomatic!!  I personally flush in the hot shower, because I make a mess when I flush out my sinuses.  Remember, the sinus flush with saltwater MAKES an inhospitable environment for this virus.
  3. Throat and mouth gargling — use hydrogen peroxide (don’t swallow) and/or Apple Cider Vinegar (good to swallow).  COVID19 likes to hang out in the back throat after it migrates down from the sinuses and before it is able to move through the trachea/bronchi into the lungs (it’s favorite home).
  4. Air cleaning:
    a) Replace your furnace filters at least once per month
    b) TRIAD AER — this is a really good home air purification system. Reasonably priced.   We have always had one in our home for > 15 yrs. Constantly “on.”                           www.mytriadaer.com   (I have no financial interest in this company.)
  5.  Ionic Detox Foot Bath — use Himalayan or KOSHER chunk salt.  Amazing what comes out of your lymphatics!!!  We are now in the foot bath every eve during TV time (X 30+ mins).  Purchase from eBay, purchase extra arrays.  Runs $100-200 for the cheaper units.
  6. Infra-Red Sauna:  We have a nice small unit in our basement.  135F every am, then shower and nasal flush!

      BRAND:  Health Mate

      Representative:  Jordan Jacob      email:  [email protected]          www.healthmatesauna.com       (I have no financial interest in this company)


  1. Hormone Replacement/Support Therapy:  YES!!! Your ongoing BHRT(bio-identical hormone replacement therapy using: sex hormones, thyroid, cortisol, insulin, etc) HELPS SUPPORT YOUR IMMUNE SYSTEM!!  BUT, this is not the PANACEA we would want it to be for us!
  2. Peptide Therapy:  Specifically, THYMOSIN APHA-1 boosts the immune system.  Kathy also takes this peptide for cancer protection. There are ongoing studies showing this is another good tool to put into our anti-virus toolbox.  Yes, I prescribe this peptide and have begun to also take this peptide to support my immune system.
  3. Intravenous Nutrition Therapy (IV DRIP BAGS) — anti-oxidants, boosting the immune system.  Yes, my office has been “dripping” patients for weeks.
  4. KANGEN WATER IONIZER — utilizes Ionized electrolysis to change the makeup of water and also will make water alkaline/Acidic.  It is a great concept because virus/bacterial/cancer membranes do not survive in this type of environment.  Other uses besides drinking:  sinus irrigation, vaporizers, nebulizer treatments.  I have been spending recent time “in school” concerning this treatment concept and now have one in my home.  I do believe in this type of water filtration system, I have become a sponsor to teach and distribute these units.  It fits under the kitchen sink and has its own facet on the counter.

Compared to my prep work when taking action during cardiac surgery, trauma, transplants — the plan laid out to you is really not that much.  It is mostly about adapting each of the suggestions as an important lifestyle change.  I admit, at 60 yrs, I am at a higher risk of mortality if infected with this virus.   Kathy is at high risk due to her age (>75yrs); a history of metastatic breast cancer, scarred lungs from active TB in the 1980”s, and history of Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis (an autoimmune disease).  I hope these action plans are helpful to you.

Please let me know if you have any questions about any of the above ideas.  I am available Via phone call and email.

FINALLY—-PLEASE STAY HOME!!!   Do not become a carrier of this virus, let alone become infected!!


Healthy Regards,

 Hope Engsberg, MD ABAARM FAARFM


Denver, Colorado