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The Art Of Aging Well™

We know you will love the benefits of BHRT as much as we do!

All treatments and products have been personally tested by our team, but don’t take our word, see what our patients have to say.

Age Well has made such a positive change in my life. Dr. Hope spends a great deal of time with you getting to know you and understanding your struggles before treatment. Each treatment is individualized so it is meant just for you. My husband and I both get treated by Dr. Hope and we feel better than we did 10 years ago. I highly recommend this practice.

Amy V.

My name is Debbie, my husband and I have a cattle ranch in Southwest WY. The last few years have been very difficult for me emotionally and physically. I thought I was the toughest woman I knew, but I spent my days crying and yelling. I was out of control. Then I met Dr. Hope and Kathy. They have literally saved my life. I love life again look forward to tomorrow. My husband John was so impressed he is now under their care. We are an older couple, but, you wouldn’t know it. Our sex life and every other aspect of it is fantastic. So please if anyone out there needs help do not hesitate to call Dr. Hope Ensberg. Your life will change.

Debbie E.

I have suffered from severe endometriosis resulting in over 8 surgeries over the years. No surgery or medicine had been effective and I had started to settle for feeling sub-par as my daily norm until I had the wonderful fortune of meeting Kathy and Hope. They have given me life again and for the past 8 months, I have made amazing progress. Hope has been extremely patient, honest, and thorough in her explanation and support throughout this process. I no longer have nights sweats or the unbearable pain I struggled with for over 8 years. Without the pellets I receive, I know my quality of life would not be what it is today! My husband and kids thank God for AGE Well every day!!!

Kia S.

I have been a patient of AgeWell for almost a year now. I absolutely love Hope and Kathy (and their sweet dog Wilhm). The hormone therapy has helped me to feel so much better physically and mentally. I have more energy and a much better outlook on life now. Plus I am finally sleeping again! I feel that I am getting more thorough and holistic care from Hope than other HR doctors I have been involved with. She is very focused on her patient’s WHOLE health and wellness situation. Every visit she sits down with me and really listens to what is going on with me .. my life and how I feel. She also tracks all of my statistics on a scientific level to determine the best treatment options for me. Furthermore, Hope is very educated in the whole HR industry and uses cutting-edge tools to ensure that my treatment is the best and safest it can be. I feel that she really does care about me as her patient. I take my health very seriously and am very careful what I do with my body…. I feel that I am in very capable and caring hands with Hope.

Kris H.

Agewell has truly changed my life. Dr. Hope takes the time to look at the whole person while deciding the correct path of treatment. What a joy to have one’s results explained thoroughly and thoughtfully!! With Kathy’s office efficiency, I have been able to schedule appointments and pick up supplements with ease. And if that’s not enough…. there’s Willem Dakota, the office Great Dane greeter! I’d encourage anyone who needs to improve their energy level, sex life, and overall well being to seek out Agewell!

Joanne B.

I just wanted to let you know how good I feel. I feel like “me” again. It’s been so long since I felt that way. I’ve also received compliments on my looks lately, which always feels good. I appreciate your intelligence, bedside manner, thoroughness, and precision. It has made such a difference in my life. I am now so much healthier and happier, which is timed well as I move into my retirement with only my consulting/writing as a focus.

Jeanie I.

Dr. Hope was referred to me by a friend almost a year ago. I was experiencing the negative effects associated with menopause; exhaustion, irritability, non-existent libido, weight gain, etc. My GP doctor prescribed a synthetic hormone and an antidepressant even though I wasn’t suffering from depression. Dr. Hope turned my life around! After my initial consultation, blood tests, supplements and pellet therapy, I felt better almost immediately and continue to enjoy a more healthy, energized, mood stabilized, sexy life! My husband started seeing Dr. Hope after he witnessed the incredible changes I was experiencing. We couldn’t be happier with the care we receive from AgeWell!

Kim B.

Dr. Hope Engsberg (the Doctor), Kathy (runs the show) and Wilham (Chief Stress Relief Officer) at AgeWell MD are thorough, efficient and friendly. I have been seeing Dr. Engsberg for over a year for bio-identical hormone replacement therapy (HRT). Over the past 10 years I have tried other types of HRT but never achieved the comprehensive results I’m experiencing with bio-identical HRT. With this therapy I have achieved maximum overall wellness, all symptoms of menopause are diminished, and my quality of life continues at a rewarding high level. Also, due to Dr. Engsberg’s teaching abilities, I have learned more about hormones and the importance of supplements, how they interact in your body, and anticipated outcomes than I have ever known. I strongly recommend this practice!

Judith A.

I met Dr. Engsberg and Kathy about two years ago in Santa Fe. This was right about the time I think my hormones really began to tank. I was seeing a CNP and having my annuals done including blood tests to check hormone levels as I was in my mid-40’s. My CNP prescribed some hormone creams without doing a blood test when I complained about night sweats. What I didn’t know was that due to my crashing hormone levels, I was tearing apart my life every month and everyone in it. Coincidentally, I ran into Hope and Kathy again about that time. I mentioned to Hope what was happening to me and she said that was not unusual to be prescribed creams that are not very effective.
She told me about the hormone pellets and I have to admit I was skeptical but tried it anyway. Within about a week my mental acuity improved dramatically. I didn’t feel like I was thinking through peanut butter anymore. I was not experiencing the same level of night sweats and I didn’t feel like I wanted to headbutt everyone in front of me. I think most people assume testosterone and estrogen mean sex hormones but from what I have learned and experienced it goes WAAAAYYYY past that. Although that is a nice benefit…
I am so, so thankful to have met these two wonderful women, I feel that I owe my sanity and to an extent my marriage to them.
Whenever we have had questions, Hope and Kathy are right there to answer them. When we have had concerns, Hope and Kathy have been available via email, text or phone call. To have access to your Doctor via text? That is unheard of. I am now convinced that the hormone pellets are my fountain of youth as my friends and co-workers have noticed a difference in me.

Thank you, Hope and Kathy!!!

Michelle R.

I started seeing Dr. Hope Engsberg at Agewell about 7 months ago. I was miserable having been through a full hysterectomy and oophorectomy (ovaries) and pushed into full-blown menopause at the age of 36. I was tired, no libido, dryness, mood swings, insomnia, and night sweats, not to mention joint pain. I called and talked to Kathy (who is the nicest woman, and so great to work with) and set up a consultation with Dr. Hope.
Dr. Hope was amazing from the get-go. She did a full lab/blood panel, something my Dr. had not done, and found out I was also suffering from a thyroid issue, something I felt I had for years, but could not get a PCP to test me for.
I started on Pellets with Testosterone and Estrogen and taking a nightly progesterone pill, and within 2 weeks of starting, I felt like a new person. No more joint pain, no more dryness, no more night sweats or hot flashes, and my energy was through the roof. I sleep like a rock every night and wake up feeling refreshed and energized.
My skin is better, my hair looks better and I am starting to lose weight from the thyroid being under control. It is truly amazing how fantastic I feel. I have not had any side effects, other than a couple little breakouts, which I will take any day over the way I felt before pellets. My husband is a happy man too, we are like newlyweds again, it is great! 🙂
I had tried patches and pills previously and they did nothing but give me migraines, and dizziness and nausea. The pellets are a night and day difference. I go in every 10-12 weeks for new pellets and an update with Dr. Hope. We are monitoring my physical changes too, and I have gained muscle and lost fat.
I will never stop doing the Pellets, they are a lifesaver! I just started my 3rd round, and I am so thankful and blessed I found Dr. Hope and Kathy. They are both the nicest, most down to earth people, and more importantly, they really care about their patients and it shows. It is rare to find these days. I have sent many friends and clients to them, and recommend them to anyone, men, and women, who want to feel better and start living life again. Don’t put it off any longer, give them a call!

Ronnie K.

I met Hope and Kathy a few years ago, right about the time I began having horrible night sweats and mood swings. They told me about their practice but I thought I was too young (45 at the time) to begin thinking about hormones.
A year ago, I went to see my doctor for my annual exam, she had done a blood test a year before and said I was “low on testosterone,” but I didn’t think it was a big deal. Without a more recent blood test, she prescribed some progesterone cream, my wife wouldn’t hear of me starting anything without first talking with Hope.
That conversation was transformative in numerous ways. I agreed to be pelleted, which she did.
Within about a week of the first pellet insertion, I no longer felt mentally foggy, I had energy, my moods stabilized and overall felt like I did in my 20’s.
My marriage was suffering under the weight of my monthly insanity and I felt like I wanted to tear everything in front of me into spreads.
Well, I have pelleted twice now and the second time has been as effective if not more so than the first.
If there is a more perfect name, Hope, for a doctor who does what Dr. Engsberg does, I cannot think of what it could be.
Thank you Doc and Kathy for what you do!!

Michelle C.

My husband and I began treatment with AgeWell MD on July 14. After only 6 weeks we began to feel positive effects in our daily lives.

I was sleeping poorly and had night sweats regularly. Now I sleep at least 7 hours a night, and no sweats at all. My regular workout routine became too easy, and I have increased stamina overall. My husband reports similar feelings of increased strength and endurance during workouts.

We are also taking vitamin supplements and a morning shake prescribed to us. My hair, skin, and nails are showing it!

Thank you Dr. Engsberg and Kathy ( patient concierge) for this wonderful personalized treatment!

Lisa R.

Finally…..My hot flashes have cooled down and I’m barely experiencing them anymore. Such a great feeling. My pellet and supplement therapy is giving me more energy and I finally got off the couch and am working out again. I lost weight and feel great! My high cholesterol went down too and I’m sleeping better. All with just one treatment. I look forward to my next treatment and feeling even better as my therapy continues. Thanks, Dr. Hope and Kathy!!

Kristen R.

Thanks so much, AgeWellMD for helping sleep much better than I have in years! I feel terrific and did not even realize just how much better I would feel until after I began your program.

Alicia M.

I’ve been going to Dr. Hope Engsberg for a year and a half now. My life, as well as my emotional and physical well being, have improved significantly People ask me what I’m doing because the change is apparent. My 85-year-old Mother also gets hormone pellets. My brother and sister in law fly in from out of town to see Dr. Engsberg. And now my old friend and new lover are under her care. Yes, you can have a great love life again!

Personally, I’ve lost weight and become more active. My outlook is positive. Before treatment, I was overweight, tired and sighing all day long. There was a negative conversation going on in my head before. My hormone levels measured ZERO. Now I’m more positive and happy. I have energy and I don’t sigh.

You don’t have to just accept getting older means feeling old and tired. You can do something that actually improves your quality of life

I’m sure there are lots of places to get this done but I wouldn’t go anywhere else. Dr. Hope Engsberg is also a cardio anesthesiologist. She knows how the body works and is very knowledgeable in this field as well.

Kathy runs the office. I’ve always felt well taken care of and respected. I don’t hesitate to refer friends and family that ask me what I’m doing.

If you’re wondering if bio-identical hormones really work I can tell you absolutely, YES! Don’t hesitate!

Melinda O.

I have had severe back problems for over five years now. (Spinal Stenosis). After 4 surgeries and a large number of injections, the burning of the nerves and pain medication, my energy, and quality of life were suffering badly. My spine surgeon watched me slow down over the five years and was concerned about my quality of life. The pain medications impact your Testosterone levels in a very negative way. I had very low energy, my skin tone was not healthy, and the couch and television were looking better than the gym or just walking every day to stay healthy.

My spinal surgeon suggested that I see Doctor Engsberg at AgeWell in Colorado. I went for a consultation. We followed up with blood work to determine what the cause was for the low Testosterone and found some other concerning levels in my blood work. I can say that Dr. Engsberg is the first Doctor that has taken the time to sit down with me and go over each of the blood tests. She explained in detail each and every concern that she had. At the time of the consultation, it was decided that I start a series of natural supplements and add some Testosterone to my system to get me back on track.

I can say that 4 weeks after my initial treatment with Dr. Engsberg I started rebounding. My skin tone came back, energy levels started gradually increasing and my ability to focus on staying healthy by exercising every day became much easier. It has been almost 4 months since my first treatment with Dr. Engsberg. I continue to take my supplements every day. I have not felt this good since I was 30 years old (young 57 now). I will continue to work diligently with Dr. Engsberg and her office to make sure I stay the path with the supplements and wonderful guidance I have received with this treatment.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have regarding the above statement. Many Thank-Yous to Dr. Engsberg and Kathy V. for the outstanding support and getting me back on track to a healthier and much happier life.

MIchael C.

I’ve just started my journey with AgeWellMD and so far, so good! Dr. Hope and Kathy really have taken the time to explain everything. They’ve given me a lot of comfort and advice. I received my first pellets yesterday and am looking forward to feeling better soon. I’m 63 and an avid road cyclist. This was a great decision to keep my body and mind in good health for a long time to come.

Sue F.

Dr. Hope Engsberg and Kathy are infectious in their enthusiasm for good health. I have never had a doctor willing to spend as much time with me as Hope, and when I experienced some extreme health issues, Hope and Kathy could not have been more supportive.

Val T.

Such wonderful ladies both Dr. Hope and Kathy. I never knew just how bad I really felt until my visit with these two ladies. Pelleting has made a tremendous difference, and people need to know more about this option. We need to share with the public, and educate the public all the capabilities and possibilities with pelleting. I am a fan of my pellet, my doctor, and her staff!!

Terri C.

After a year of constant menstruation, weight gain and feeling like I was on an emotional roller coast ride since turning 50, I started my research on Pellet Therapy in February. I first heard about Pellet therapy while visiting with friends from Alabama over the Christmas 2015 who, in turn, hear about it from their friend in California. My complaints where her complaints just a year later and with a hormonal 17-year-old daughter, it wasn’t fair to my husband nor son for both my daughter and me to be PMSing and miserable at the same time. I just was at my wits end being so hot, cold, tired and not sleeping it was making me not so pleasant to be around at times! I am so blessed to have found Dr. Engsberg. I am now on my 6th week of having been pelleted. I wake up happy each morning and my mental clarity along with energy improves each week. Dr. Engsberg discovered through my initial blood work that my thyroid was not working, I had no progesterone and too much estrogen. I would have thought after a year of complete misery and complaining to my OBGYN, this would have been figured out prior…nope, they don’t take the time to order the right tests, nor truly listen to what our symptoms are saying! Well if you are reading this then lucky you! Dr. Engsberg does! The personal attention Dr. Engsberg gives us all (my girlfriend is now a patient too) listening to our symptoms, designing a treatment plan for our well being and giving us her complete attention throughout this process is truly so refreshing. I feel like I now have an advocate for my health and wellness in Kathy Vieth and Dr. Engberg. They are truly the dream team! I feel like I have my life back and my family is so happy to have their fun happy Mom back!

Kelly W.

I did not know how lousy I did feel until I visited Dr. Hope Engsberg. She gave me “hope.” I feel very good and am so happy with her hormone treatment and her care.

Barb R.

Dr. Engsberg and Kathy are wonderful Ladies! They truly care about you and how you are feeling. I have started my journey to better health with them. So far I have learned I have food allergies from doing my cleanse. Since receiving my bio-identical hormone pellets I am sleeping better and have more energy. It’s only been 5 days! Dr. Engsberg takes the time to listen and research anything you have going on. I wish all Doctors would do that. Before coming here I went to my OBGYN and told her at 37 I was starting menopause. Sweating, hot flashes, not sleeping at night, fatigued during the day, weight gain, dry hair and I didn’t remember the last time I felt good. She refused to test my hormones. That’s when I contacted AgeWellMD. Dr. Engsberg ran a GIANT blood panel and found I was starting menopause and I was a good candidate for BHRT. So excited to feel the changes.

Sarah R.

I have been struggling with anxiety and migraines for years. My doctors put me on prescription drugs that didn’t do much and offered no follow up. After learning that my hormone levels could be off, out of desperation I contacted and Agewell. After a simple blood test, we discovered that I was in the hormone basement for a twenty-something-year-old woman. Dr. Hope Engsberg is so knowledgeable and cares for her clients. Within 2 weeks I was feeling like I honestly have never felt. Since leveling out my hormones by using HRT, I have never felt so stable and confident…not to mention I haven’t had a headache ONCE since! This is scientific magic. If you’re wondering why you feel off….you should get your hormone levels tested by AgewellMD. Lifesavers 🙂

Natalia G.

Such an awesome experience. Who knew that you could feel this amazing. I am shocked by my results and can’t stop telling friends about it. Hope and Kathy are not only fabulous at what they do but also amazing women. Thanks again for the new me!!

Jonathan T.

AgeWellMD is the perfect name for a business that does just that, helps you age well and feel great while aging. It seemed like the Pillsbury Dough Boy was visiting me at night packing the dough on my belly. I had difficulty sleeping and my energy level kept fading. The echoing answer from many sources was this is “ normal for your age.” I almost bought into that answer until meeting Dr. Engsberg and Kathy at AgeWellMD. They are both passionate about helping women and men feel great and live better. Don’t let “normal” be your best.

Laura A.

I have tried testosterone patches, gels, and injections under the supervision of my primary care physician. Even while I was receiving treatment, I was gaining weight, constantly tired and felt my mental clarity slowly slipping away. Sex was not satisfying at all and there was absolutely no “color” in my life. Lifelong interests began fading into the background of a day to day grind. I was 49, going on 70.
Part of the problem was that primary care physicians do an annual physical where they test for just a few numbers that they actually pay attention to, and if those few numbers fall within an enormous range, they were considered “normal” no matter how you FEEL. Then those numbers get shoved into a file, never to be heard from again.
This is where AgeWellMD stepped in and completely turned my life around. They started with an enormous blood panel and continued testing after treatment began to get my blood work AND how I felt to an optimal level. They have always been proactive, calling back within days of receiving new test results and asking me a key question. HOW DO I FEEL? Talk about refreshing…
After just 3 months of working with Dr. Hope and Kathy, my weight has gone from 258 down to 242. I’ll be 50 in June, but I feel like I’m a very wise 25-year-old man. I would have never believed it was possible, yet here I am. My mind is sharper than it has ever been and I have energy again. Sex now has the level of excitement it had back in my early twenties. They put the color back into my life. I’m now 49, going on 30.
I expect to have a lifelong relationship with Hope and Kathy, because they have found the fountain of youth that they prescribe to themselves, and truly want to share that secret with their patients. Working with AgeWellMD has been an incredible investment.

Kevin F.

I’m 53 and was always very active. Except for enjoying red wine perhaps a bit too much, I also eat very healthy. Yet for some reason, I was always tired and had no interest in sex whatsoever. Actually, I had no interest in much of anything. I wake up drag myself to work, come home and go to bed sometimes as early as 7:30. One night I said I had had it. I wasn’t depressed, I was just drained. I went online, and by divine intervention, I came across Kathy and Hope’s website for Agewell MD. The name is perfect! I really was not aging well. I filled out the online form and heard back from Kathy the very next day. Fast forward- within one week after my pellet injections, I woke up with a smile on my face, was excited about life in general, the 6-month pooch I had been carrying around was gone, shaved my legs and went on a date. The first in over a year. There are lots of practitioners offering pellet therapy for hormone replacement but NO one cares as much as Hope and Kathy do. Hope spent more time explaining everything to me than any physician ever will. They walk the talk. I wouldn’t even consider anyone else. Thank you, Hope and Kathy.

Lael E.

You will never meet a more caring and empathetic pair than Kathy and Dr. Engsberg! They make you feel as though you have a whole team behind you in figuring out your problems and getting you to a place of balance and wellbeing. Hormone problems don’t only happen later in life, and at 22 I am proof of that. It is such a great feeling to know that someone with such an abundance of expertise like Dr. Engsberg has your back 🙂

Kathleen P.

An incredible dynamic anesthesiologist whom I’ve had the privilege and honor to know and study with through our American MMI fellowship education. Hope R recognized the areas of her life that she needed to change and in doing so developed into an Integrative Duracell Bunny Physician with passion, love, enthusiasm, and opened her own practice to get her patients to peak health by balancing their physiology to age-appropriate functionality. It takes courage to do this and I salute her as she is living proof of what she does and believes in. For all my Denver international patients please take a note and I will be willing to email her all your details and what we have done with you so far. She does, however, give the most incredible talks and provides total integrative care by having a team on complementary associates that work with her. She does have a monster waiting list BUT worth waiting for.

David A.

I saw my mom just three weeks ago over Labor Day Weekend when she began her cleanse (about two weeks before receiving the pellets), and when I walked into her house today, I couldn’t believe my eyes: SHE’S SO SKINNY!! I was honestly getting worried about her weight before she started seeing Hope and Kathy; she’d been getting heavier due to hormonal changes but also from the medication her doctor had prescribed her, like steroids and anti-depressants, that was making her even more tired, overweight, and too pacified to do anything about it. As someone who prefers holistic over chemical ANY DAY, I am so thrilled that my mom is NOT taking unnecessary pharmaceutical drugs, and instead, is gaining health and awareness through the supplements and treatment that AgeWellMD is providing her. It’s empowering for me to see my mother take charge of her health and understand her body. As her daughter, and as a woman who will inevitably face the same challenges, I am incredibly thankful.

Amanda J.

I had a trauma April 2012. A ladder collapsed and I fell 6 feet, breaking my elbow in two places and wrist in two places. The surgeon had to cut one more elbow bone to fix it. I was in the hospital for 10 days, and therapy lasted a year and a half. I never had a period after this fall and started having hot flashes and night sweats. I was tired all the time and probably a little bitchy if you ask my husband. I went to my family doctor to see about getting hormones. She told me she did not like to put her patients on hormones and recommended Effexor, a mild anti-depressant for the hot flashes and mood swings. Well, it worked pretty well, but after a year I was gaining weight. 40 pounds to be exact. At 5-feet tall, an extra 40 pounds is like carrying around a mountain. And not only that, my new mountain was needy! She demanded new clothes that would shield her from the public. She insisted on going with me everywhere: to the store, to parties, into the bedroom with my husband. My mountain made me tired and lazy. My mountain made me sweat and cry. In December, I had all the hardware taken out of my elbow to gain more mobility. I did physical therapy at Ft. Sam, which took three hours out of my day, three times a week. I did well to make it to the gym once a week. The hot flashes and night sweats got worse. I went back to my family doctor asking for hormones again. She said, let’s change your prescription to 150 mg. She said, if that doesn’t take care of it, we will talk about hormones. I called the nurse a couple weeks later telling her I wanted to drop my dosage back down because I was gaining more weight and still having hot flashes and not sleeping. My doctor called me back that afternoon and said I had not given the prescription enough time to work. No, it only had enough time to turn me into an Oompa Loompa from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. My wonderful cousin Vick told me our friends were opening a Women’s Health Clinic in Denver. I was hoping they were doing tummy tucks or eye lifts. I could’ve really used either one to lift my spirits. My husband was going to Denver for work, and I asked him if he had time to see Kathy and Hope to check out what they were doing, and if it would help us. It was like a Godsend when he got home and told me they were doing bio-identical pellets (no dangerous surgery, no tucking!), and it will help me feel better for sure. I said, “What does it cost?” He said, “You are worth it.” I have such a good husband. First, I went to their website and took the survey to see if I was a candidate. Luckily, I was. Kathy told me she could find me a clinic in Texas. I said oh no, “I trust you and Hope, and I want you if I am going to do this.” I didn’t mind coming to Denver a few times a year. It’s beautiful and I love seeing Kathy, Hope and my new friend Wilhm. These gals will always go above and beyond. I knew if I wanted to feel better and live my best life, I needed to listen. First came the 10-day gut cleanse. I was really worried about following the plan especially when Kathy said, Tina just do your best (ha!), but to my surprise, the plan was not hard to follow and my husband liked the recipes, too. I started feeling better just doing that, and the bonus was losing 9 lbs. I was never hungry. The only downside was I got a headache from not drinking coffee the first couple days but never missed the coffee or wine after that, during the cleanse. I am reading a few books that Kathy recommended on bio-identical and menopause. I never knew hormones did so many things in our bodies. I went to Denver last week to get my bio-identical pellets. Hope walked me through every step. She is so smart and has such a passion for helping everyone feel better and live their best life. I am finally committed to healthier eating. My daughters have been vegetarians most of their lives, and I see why now. You do feel better and have more energy without all those processed foods in your gut. We still eat meat and always will, but not as much or every day. I lost another two pounds this week after the pellets, just lying around, letting them work. My body must like finally being balanced. My daughter said, “Oh, Mom, you’re so skinny!” I’m not “skinny,” but I am thinner and much more alive. More me, less mountain, less Oompa Loompa. I am looking forward to the next few weeks’ changes. My whole family is healthier for this choice.

Tina F.K.

Dr. Engsberg and Kathy are wonderful Ladies! They truly care about you and how you feel! I feel awesome since I have had my BHRT pellets with Dr. Engsberg. I am sleeping at night, I have a ton of energy and I have lost weight – a pant size in 6 weeks. I should have exercised! I’d probably be down 2 sizes! Kathy checked on me every week the 1st month! I can’t tell you how bad I felt before coming here. Thanks, Ladies! You know I’m a patient for LIFE!

Sarah R.

I have been extremely pleased with the bio-identical hormone therapy I have received for overall wellness from AgeWellMD. So when I received a critical diagnosis, one that was potentially life-threatening and required me to immediately undergo a very extensive surgery, I immediately made an appointment to speak with Dr. Engsberg. I wanted to get a handle on what I might be facing and understand the best approach for this serious health issue ahead of me. Dr. Engsberg helped me see reality and what to expect over the next few months. She offered tons of suggestions on how to maximize the upside. She helped me see (with her guidance) how I have control over how my care plays out – how to work with those around me, including the docs and community – how to get through this with strong mental and physical health. The advice was thoughtful, caring, skilled, practical, empowering and hope-giving, and perhaps life changing! Dr. Engsberg is a skilled and compassionate doctor and I am grateful to have been in her care during this most challenging time. The AgeWellMD team, including Kathy Vieth, is the face of a proactive health-based approach to aging well!

Female Patient - Age 50

I am so grateful for AgeWell! After hearing about Dr. Engsberg and AgeWell through a family member, I reached out to get a consultation. I am a 31-year-old woman who for nearly the past year has been experiencing a myriad of seemingly unexplained physical and emotional changes. After having visited primary care physicians in the past, my symptoms were routinely ignored and dismissed as depression. I reached out to AgeWell and was recommended to get some lab work done and come in for a consultation. Upon entering the AgeWell office I immediately felt at ease. Kathy Vieth gave me a very warm welcome, introducing me to Wilhm, she and Dr. Engsberg’s Great Dane, and gave me a tour of the office, providing a background on Dr. Engsberg’s professional & educational history.

During my consultation, I was given the most thorough review of my lab work I have ever received in the past. Not only was Dr. Engsberg detailed in her investigation and review of my labs, she listened to everything I said and answered my questions with genuine interest and awareness for my concerns as a patient. A specific plan of action was recommended, and Dr. Engsberg assured me there was no pressure or obligation to go forward; she just wanted to make sure I had all the information in hand. At the end of our time together I had no question in my mind that I would proceed with her recommended treatment and I started that day. I am overwhelmingly enthusiastic to say that even in the first 3 weeks of my treatment, I feel like a brand new person! My energy is back up, my mood has improved greatly, my weight is getting under control, just to name a few benefits. I am learning that hormone imbalance doesn’t discriminate against age or gender! I am so excited to continue seeing the positive changes!

Dr. Engsberg is incredibly passionate about the care of her patients and makes sure their plan of action is tailored to their individual needs. Kathy is equally attentive and caring for each person that walks through the door, making sure they are comfortable and well-informed about next steps if they chose to move forward with treatment. I would highly recommend AgeWell to women and men of any age who aren’t quite feeling like themselves and may suspect an imbalance in their body. You won’t regret it!

Nicole T.

I’ve been seeing Dr. Engsberg for a couple of years now and cannot tell you how wonderful she and Kathy are. They are the most supportive practice I have been to and really care about your wellbeing. Dr. Engsberg always makes sure to give me all of the information about the various treatments and fully reviews the costs/benefits and side effects before we try anything. Working in healthcare myself, I know that there are always unforeseeable side effects that can occur, but it’s nice to know that Dr. Engsberg always listens to feedback and adjusts based on your comfort level. I also love that Kathy and Hope always try the treatments themselves first so they can provide information from their own experiences. It is so nice having such wonderful people in your corner when you are going through a rough patch.

Kathleen P.

Dr. Engsberg demonstrated to me how ALL doctors should inform and treat their patients. Not only did she request a complete blood work-up prior to administering HRT pellets, she spent the time to explain EVERY aspect of the lab results and provided additional guidance for supplementation and treatment. I am now 2 months into treatment and feel fantastic! I am so grateful to Dr. Engsberg and Kathy Vieth for their care and sincere interest in my health and well being. AgeWellMD gets my highest praise!

Chrissie T.

After working with Dr. Engsberg I feel better than I have in years!  I love her natural approach to health and hormones.  I’m hooked!

Amanda F.
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