The Role of Hormones on Aging

Hormones and Aging

To get straight to the point; hormones are directly related to the speed at which we age. And, as we age, our hormone production declines.  Sound like a catch-22?

Decreases in hormones produced by various glands in the body cause bone loss, depression, decreased sex drive and a long laundry list of other symptoms.  While this diminished hormone production may seem inevitable, the ability to restore some of our hormones and to balance levels has huge benefits to aging and overall health.

The American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine (A4M) states “physical aging in humans can be slowed, stopped, or even reversed through existing medical and scientific interventions.”

AgeWellMD supports this statement by consulting individuals with signs/symptoms of hormonal imbalance.  The process starts with a comprehensive blood test and a consult to review the results. Then a customized treatment plan is developed based on the results of the test.  The goal is to look at overall health and well-being of each patient – to improve the quality of life and support the function of systems and organs.

Curious about your hormones and aging process?  Or better yet, the anti-aging process?

To start the process with AgeWellMD, complete the “New Patient” form.  Once the form has been received, you will get a phone call from Kathy.  She will answer your questions and schedule your 20 complimentary consults with Hope Engsberg, M.D.

Dr. Engsberg will answer your questions, address your concerns and explain what to expect in the process.

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