Overview of IV Nutrition Therapy

It may sound intimidating at first, but IV nutrition infusions are a well-established method to receive immune-boosting nutrients. The process works quickly and efficiently. Patients who receive these infusions report better absorption and beneficial results in comparison to traditional oral supplements. IV nutrition bypasses digestive absorption and is deposited directly in the bloodstream. This method ensures that you receive the maximum benefit from the nutrients you’re receiving. 

The administration of these IV infusions isn’t a new concept; most hospitals use some IV drip.  When a patient is dehydrated or nutrient deficient,  nurses use IV drips to get the body back into shape. However, the mass public is utilizing them for their multitude of benefits. The IV drip became increasingly popular due to celebrity endorsements on social media. Stars like Adele, Jane Fonda, and Cindy Crawford all forswearing by IV therapy. 

IV Nutrition at AgeWellMD

How it works

IV nutrition therapy can deliver vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and other micronutrients via intravenous administration.  It helps boost immunity, promote restorative bodily functions, and increase overall health. IV nutrition is versatile in its uses, ranging from kicking a stubborn cold, boost brainpower, reducing chronic pain, restoring healthy skin, and even instantly curing a hangover or jet lag. The most common IV drip administered is the “Myers Cocktail” that contains vitamins and minerals, including magnesium, vitamin C, and Vitamin B-12.

Most IV therapy sessions take less than an hour, with noticeable results almost immediately after treatment. Everybody is different, so depending on your current health, you could experience noticeable effects for up to 3-4 days after your procedure. Even if you don’t “feel” effects immediately or over the next few days, you’re still reaping the benefits.

AgeWellMD uses only the best supplements in the infusions and takes special care to come up with a treatment that suits you.

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