Hormone Imbalance at Any Age?

Hormone Imbalance is Not Just Middle Age Women

When you think of hormones, what do you think about?  Moody teenagers and grouchy middle-aged women? The truth is, we are all affected by hormones all of the time. Hormones play specific roles in our health and wellbeing. Some of our hormones are sexual in nature, but hormones play a whole range of other functions. When our hormones are balanced, we feel energetic and alive.  When they are out of balance, we experience a number of unpleasant symptoms that can lead to health issues.

The symptoms of hormone imbalance can include fatigue, depression, dizziness, difficulty concentrating, headaches, low libido, weight loss, weight gain, hair loss, and much more. Because of their vague nature, these symptoms are often overlooked by people suffering from them. When a doctor is consulted it can be difficult to reach a diagnosis for the same reason. There is no one symptom that points specifically to a hormone imbalance. Often many other conditions are ruled out before a blood test is done to check for a hormonal imbalance.

The causes of hormone imbalance vary, but one of the main culprits is stress. Stress-induced hormone imbalance is becoming so common that there is a specific name for the cause of this type of imbalance: adrenal fatigue. The term adrenal fatigue refers to the signs and symptoms that result from the adrenal glands not performing as well as they should because of chronic stress.

There are 3 Types of Stress

  1. Dietary Stress – common forms of stress is a bad diet, including sugar, preservatives, artificial ingredients, and toxins.
  2. Emotional Stress – the pressures of life and the choices of lifestyle can impact energy, sleep and the ability to focus.
  3. Environmental Stress – exposure to chemicals in our environment that mimic estrogen can be detrimental to hormone health.

The symptoms of hormone imbalance can greatly reduce health and quality of life of men and women at any age.

A comprehensive blood test is the first step to uncovering an imbalance and determining a personalized solution. AgeWellMD in Denver, CO will address both, the evaluation of the blood text and establish a customized care plan.