Treatment for hormonal imbalances is not one size fits all, and not all facilities provide Pellet Therapy in Denver. At AgeWellMD we prefer to administer Bioidentical Hormones using Pellet Therapy at our office in Denver. Pellet Therapy is a mechanism in which replacement hormones can be delivered to your system. The pellet which is crystalized bioidentical hormones is about the size of a grain of rice and is inserted subcutaneously into your buttocks’ fatty part. The pellet then dissolves slowly, creating a steady release of hormones. In addition, these pellets are customized specifically for your hormonal needs. By using pellets Dr. Engsberg is able to manage your dosage providing the best results possible.

Who Benefits from Pellet Therapy

Pellet Therapy is no longer just used to treat women going through menopause (although it is very successful in treating symptoms from menopause). Women of all ages can experience hormonal imbalance for many reasons. Some causes may be lack of proper nutrition, stress, underlying medical issues, or environmental causes. In addition, we treat hormonal imbalances in men using Pellet Therapy. Men can start seeing a decrease in their testosterone levels starting in their early 30’s. However, hormonal imbalances can affect men of any age. Whether you are a man or woman treating your hormone imbalance with pellet therapy in Denver is a safe and effective way to optimize your health.

Besides balanced hormones why use Pellet Therapy?

Once you have decided to take the step to get treatment for imbalanced hormones you may ask, why should I use Pellet Therapy over another delivery method. First, our pellets use bioidentical hormones, these are metabolized the same way as natural hormones. Another benefit is there is nothing for you to remember to take or apply! Pellet Therapy is almost set it and forget it, your body uses as much or as little that is needed preventing daily spikes in hormones. It is so non-invasive, that you may forget you are using BHRT until you start noticing symptoms once your pellet has fully dissolved usually in 3-6 months. We administer your Pellet Therapy in Denver where our office is conveniently located. This quick procedure lasts only about an hour then you are on your way!


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I have been a patient of Dr Hope for almost 2 years now.  It has been life changing for me!  I was having issues with weight gain, mood swings, hot flashes all the not so fun things of getting older.  I am really active and getting through workouts were becoming harder. Now for the extra layer that makes things real complicated.  I am an expat living in Vietnam for my husband’s job.  Trying to find someone that is willing to see you is not easy.   I called Kathy that runs the office and is amazing and was able to get an appointment.  I was able to do a call first and have my blood results sent to Dr Hope to review.  Dr Hope is very thorough we went over everything.  It was so nice to have a plan. Next time I was home I had an appt and received the pellets.  I also was able to get creams and progesterone that I brought back to Vietnam. I start this regiment once the pellets no longer work to get me through until the next time I come back.  I appreciate all their help.  It takes a little more coordination on their end and I really appreciate it.  I feel better now than I have in the last few years. I highly recommend AgewellMD.

Tina G.

Friends, I’m going to be an open book here and write a brief post about crazy hormones and Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy. Briefly…I’m talking about testosterone pellets, progesterone and estrogen balance. If you have low energy, low/zero libido, and just want your old self back… like I did… listen. I’ve done the research. Mike has done the research. It’s safe and actually beneficial. This has changed my life and our marriage. I want to shout it on the rooftops because it’s that important. Ladies AND gentlemen… Don’t live a life that’s not your best life!! Do some research and look forward to a happier, fun energetic, balanced and long life. Don’t use a traditional doctor. Use someone with specific training and experience. If you need a reference, I’ll be happy to share. I know this is a super private issue. PM me if you need to. All confidential. Trust me on this. 💗 I know this sounds like an advertisement. It’s not. I have nothing to gain except a bunch of friends whose lives might change from depressed, unhappy, lost, confused, crabby, boring, and no fun to a bunch of friends who are joyous, fun, and so happy they have “found themselves” again. And your spouses will thank me. 😉 That’s all 💗

Susan B. , FaceBook Post

My journey started last July 2021!
I had hit a wall on my weight and was totally exhausted by the end of each day. I had gained way too
much weight and knew if I did not do anything about it that I was heading towards a very unhealthy
future! My friend Amy told me about AgeWellMd and Dr. Engsberg and Kathy and how much
AgeWellMd has changed her life. I thought I can either go down this negative road or try to change my
health and life and boy am I glad I did!
Since July I have lost 36 pounds! My Goal is to lose 50 pounds by this July 2022, and I feel I can reach
that Goal! I have an extra step in my stride as I am not tired anymore! I am told I am the Energizer Bunny
by friends! And yes, ladies I have been “Checked Out” by men….younger men! What a feeling for this
Single 60 year old Hot Chika! I have not found Mr. Right Yet but it’s on the books! What I tell people who
are on the fence about Hormone Therapy is this: You can spend the money to be Healthy or you can
spend your money on a Hospital Bill that is way more expensive and detrimental to your health. It’s your
Choice! But for me it's being Healthy the rest of my life! Don’t hesitate! Change Your Life! Oh, and after
8 years not wearing shorts in public, I will be this Summer! Paddle Boarding is on my List too! Whoot!

Kelly B. , Google

Dr. Engsberg is a caring provider who teaches me so much about my health each time I see her. She takes her time and details what is happening physiologically – she even breaks everything down on a white board! She takes a full hour one on one educating her patients on their complete health. I’ve never known a doctor to be as thorough and interested as she is in improving her patients’ health. Thanks She is a true gem. I can’t recommend her enough!!

Amy G., - Google

Knowledgeable and friendly! Finally figured out all my health “issues” that my PCPs couldn’t find!

Sarah R., - Google

Dr. Engsberg demonstrated to me how ALL doctors should inform and treat their patients. Not only did she request a complete blood work-up prior to administering HRT pellets, she spent the time to explain EVERY aspect of the lab results and provided additional guidance for supplementation and treatment. I am now 2 months into treatment and feel fantastic! I am so grateful to Dr. Engsberg and Kathy Vieth for their care and sincere interest in my health and well being. AgeWellMD gets my highest praise!

Chrissie T. , - Yelp

I just wanted to say thank you to your and Dr. Hope. I was just thinking of the difference of how I feel this July 4 versus the last and it’s 180 degrees different.  I seriously feel the best I have ever felt in my life. I am so happy and energized. Bloat is better too. I am seriously a completely renewed person. I just went to Starbucks and like 3 strangers just stopped to say I looked great for no reason (?!) Thank you both and I hope you wonderful women enjoy a great holiday together. I am beyond grateful to you.

L., -Email

…Prior to the pellets, I would spend most of my weekends sleeping. Now I feel like I have a new lease on life. I am extraordinarily grateful to Dr. Engsberg and Kathy for their specialized work and all the time they spend with each patient…

Tracy A., - Yelp

It’s only been a week and I feel like I drank from the fountain of youth- I am sleeping and waking up feeling rested, happy and full of energy! I feel relaxed and calm. My stomach isn’t hurting any more. My husband says I’m less OCD! I am handling the stress of the day calmly… amazing!!!!

Gail S., - Google

….I received my first pellet insertion along with supplements and a gut cleanse and within 2 weeks I knew something was changing.  My husband was so excited with my change and after dealing with fatigue and energy issues too, he decided to see what all the fuss was about.  We are now both dedicated Agewell patients and can’t thank Dr. Engsberg and Kathy enough for everything they have done for us..

Margaret W. , - Yelp

….Dr. Engsberg is incredibly passionate about the care of her patients and makes sure their plan of action is tailored to their individual needs. Kathy is equally attentive and caring for each person that walks through the door, making sure they are comfortable and well-informed about next steps if they chose to move forward with treatment. I would highly recommend AgeWell to women and men of any age who aren’t quite feeling like themselves and may suspect an imbalance in their body. You won’t regret it!

Nicole T. , - Yelp

I am starting a new adventure! I am going forward to age well. It has been only 2 weeks and I already feel better. New strides in my step, more energy, and a step forward in probiotic health. These ladies are wonderful… They really care and listen to one’s issues!

Stacy M., - Facebook

Age Well MD is an amazing practice. Dr. Engsberg creates an environment of learning with back and forth dialogue while maintaining a caring and compassionate approach to your individual health issues. It is refreshing to work with a doctor that puts your needs first. At the front desk, Kathy is always friendly and welcoming while keeping you on track. They have made a significant difference in my life. I highly recommend Age Well.

Deborah F., - Google
I have been going to Dr Engsberg for maybe 4 years now. My attitude was “I will try it and if I don’t like it, I will stop”. I admit that I was not feeling well when I started, and my hormones were a mess. Dr Engsberg looked at my labs and we started hormone therapy as well as some supplements. I wouldn’t think about leaving now. I feel great–Dr Engsberg calls it “cruising”. In addition, Dr Engsberg is extremely knowledgeable and she stays up to date on current hormone/health information. She takes care to explain how I am protecting myself from heart disease, cancer, and diabetes–visuals included. I have learned a great deal from her. I highly recommend Age Well MD!
Karen R., - Google

About 2 years ago I started my journey with Age Well, Kathy and Dr. Engsberg. Every time I visit it’s an amazing experience. I have gone from being at rock bottom to feeling like the person I know myself to be. Ever felt like your PCP (primary care provider) just isn’t listening to you, they keep telling you, oh that’s normal, you just had a baby, you’re starting to go through “the change”, you’re too young for that? I have heard them all. But not from Dr. E. Dr. E listened, took notes, and made a plan specific for me. She held my had, to this day we laugh together and share stories. Kathy makes sure every visit runs smoothly, and you’re never rushed in or out. If you want compassionate, one on one, thorough, specific to you care, Dr. Hope Engsberg and Kathy are your girls. They changed my life, I know they will change yours.

Pamela R., - Google