Benefits of Hormone Optimization

Hormone Optimization – Just for teens and middle age women right? WRONG! Without balanced hormones, both men and women of all ages are at risk for health issues. Let’s take a look at the risks and benefits:

Heart Disease:

Number one killer of both men and women.  The stats are staggering! Especially for women.  One in seven premenopausal women dies from heart disease.  After menopause, that number jumps to one in three.  More than 200,00 women die each year from heart attacks, five times as many women as breast cancer.

Pharmaceutical companies would have us believe it’s all about cholesterol and statins.

If we optimize the hormones that have been depleted in men and women, weight decreases, energy increases, and overall vitality improve. This will restore blood flow to the coronary arteries, decrease plaque formation, and reduce inflammation in the blood vessels.

Bringing testosterone into optimum range reduces cholesterol and triglycerides and increases HDL cholesterol. The benefit of testosterone brings lipids within normal range without harmful and less beneficial statins.

The Brain:

Alzheimer’s disease is projected to triple by 2050. Parkinson’s disease is also on the rise affecting millions of Americans. Both are the result of a degenerative process that is as of now irreversible.

Optimizing natural estrogen, natural testosterone, and natural progesterone protect the brain.  When hormones are depleted, the neurons of the brain suffer and downward spiral starts.

When these hormones are in balance, they decrease inflammation around the nerves, improve blood flow to your brain, and they decrease the substances that promote the degenerative process.

The Bones:

Twenty percent of women over the age of fifty have osteoporosis and another forty percent have osteoporosis and another forty percent have osteopenia.

Testosterone, estrogen, and thyroid are necessary for proper bone remodeling to reduce the risk of fractures.  Vitamin D3 and Vitamin K2 are also important. Testosterone is known as the “bone builder.”

This is interesting – testosterone is known as a male hormone and osteoporosis is known as a female disease.   Testosterone is just as important for women as it is men.

Hormone Optimization

Hormone balance is important for optimal health and long-term well-being.  A comprehensive blood test will direct you and your doctor in the right direction to your hormone health.